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Agricultural Monitoring and Automation Solutions

Using Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) within the agricultural industry is increasingly common, as it provides many benefits to the farmer, impacting both the quality of the crops and the overall operating costs.


  • WSN address the traditional monitoring problems related to outdoor areas, by removing the need of cables and of power sources in locations where no infrastructure is available.
  • WSN are also especially suitable for temporary or problem-solving deployments, and to gather more numerous and more consistent data.
  • Jointly with the use of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies, provides a comprehensive solution to enable smart agriculture solutions including the following capabilities :    
    • Greenhouses monitoring and control : climate conditions; lighting control/dimming system; irrigation efficient automation
    • Precision agriculture : Trunk, stem & fruit diameter, soil moisture; leaf wetness; weather stations with anemometer, wind speed & pluviometer
    • Irrigation : Water flow monitoring in canals