Ultrasound reflection measurements offer an error-free and efficient solution for detecting the presence of objects on conveyor systems. The RU IP67 ultrasound sensor from Turck reliably detects objects. Thanks to its IO-Link interface, the device transmits the signal quality in addition to the wanted signal, making it ideal for preventive maintenance.


  • Compensate the internal temperature and external temperature fluctuations

  • Always ready to use, irrespective of the ambient conditions.


Automative industries

  • used in self-unloading bulk freighters and in live bottom trucks

  • escalators
  • manufacturing assembly lines


  • The RU ultrasound sensors with IO-link from TURCK increases plant availability through preventive maintenance

  • Detects and transmits wanted signal with signal quality

  • Features switching output and analog output as well as IO-link interface

  • Simply switching between reflex sensor and reflective sensor operating modes as well as NC and NO switching output possible