Auto Coater is used to coat tablets, pills, candies, granules and sweets with a sugar film, organic film and aqueous coating. This equipment is design to create a uniform coating of tablet with an organic solvent, aqueous or enteric coating. It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industries and the food industries. The equipment conforms to the good manufacturing standards and has a high level of efficiency in operation. Machine is relatively simple where aplication of coating material is done on a moving bed of tablets and removing rapidly the solvents using current hot air.


  1. Touch Screen HMI / PLC BASE Operation Panel
  2. Automated process.
  3. Conforms to cGMP.
  4. 21 CFR compliances with Auto Coater:-
    •     1.Password protected wherein strength and minimum length of        password can be set.
    •     2.privileges can be defined and changes accordint to user level          based on authority
    •     3.The content is performed, reviewed, printed with date and              time stamp
    •     4.Internal signal failure protection is provided
  5. Flexible batch operations.
  6. Product protective handling to prevent chipping of tablets.
  7. Complete separation of production and technical area.
  8. Extremely user friendly software and operation through PLC.
  9. Excellent mixing and tumbling by special design of baffles.
  10. Made up of entirely of S.S.316.
  11. Advanced CIP system.
  12. Treatment of exhaust air for pollution free operatio


  •    Film coating with organic solvent.Film coating with aqueous coating.Sugar coating.