It detects the vehicle number plate in the camera view, captures the Vehicle Number Plate / License Plate image(LPD/ANPD). Recognizes the Vehicle Number Plate / License Plate by identifying Vehicle Number from detected plate(LPR/ANPR).


  • License Plate Detection & Capture: Clear image, captured in the camera, is  processed for presence of vehicle license plate and on successful detection of license plate the license plate is captured.
  • Segmentation & Extraction: The captured license plate image is segmented into optically recognized characters and the alpha numeric value is extracted.
  • License Number Storage & Matching: The license plate identity (the alpha-numeric code) is stored in the database. There is option for the matching the extracted code with the existing entries in a list of registered license plates.


  • AI-Based Solution is AI-Based using Deep Learning
  • Processing Speed in Frames Per Second- Higher than 1 Frames Per Second
  • Real time Detection and Recognition process for Vehicle License Plates.
  • Reliable Performance, Good Accuracy with Low False Positives.
  • Multi-Country Recognition based on Standard Formats (specific countries)
  • Only Roman characters are supported.
  • Black list / White list configuration supported.
  • Supports Capture of License plate along with the Car Image.
  • Supports Capture of License plate along with the Driver Image.
  • Detects ingress without egress and sends alarm on timeout
  • Sends daily reports of ingress and egress in PDF
  • Accuracy of AI-Model- ANPR: > 85 %


  • Parking Management: Detection of vehicles with ingress into the parking area but no
  • egress after timeout.
  • Traffic Monitoring: Red light violation detection or any other traffic rule violation
  • Law Enforcement: Stolen cars detection, Place of registration tracking through traffic
  • Task Automation: Systems can trigger operations such as access control / boom barriers etc.
  • Automatic Toll Management: Recognized vehicles can be charged the toll fees automatically


  • The standalone application of LPR can works independent of VMS.
  • The Application takes the video feed directly from LPR cameras.
  • The LPR alarms and associated information are seen in Alarm Center.
  • Alerts to be in the form of console alerts, web application screen messages, Email
  • and RESTful web services.
  • Alerts to be generated if any of the above feature is observed.
  • Alerts should be configurable for different features for different camera.
  • Alerts can be configurable for any specific time/duration during a 24 hours period at
  • the level of each feature for each camera
  • Integrable with VMS:- The Application can take video feed either from camera directly or from VMS, The Application sends alarms for License Plate Detection and Recognition to VMS, Application can run as a Linux as well as windows service