It matches the given face to tat in the database. It recognizes the face of a particular person from a set of pre-defined set of face-images in the system, if the face is visible in the camera. There is an option to send Alarms whether Face Matching or non-Matching to VMS/Alarm Center.


  • Works with generic IP cameras with good quality.
  • AI-Based Solution is AI-Based using Deep Learning
  • Works even with PC, you don’t need high end systems
  • Works in both indoor as well as outdoor environments.
  • Works with limited pose changes.
  • Works even when people are walking.
  • Processing Speed in frames Per Second-Higher than 5 Frames Per Second
  • Works despite camouflage efforts with spectacles, beard or wig.
  • Works for people of different ethnicity.
  • Face recognition time can be as low as 1 sec.
  • Works for up to tens of thousands of registered faces.
  • Works even with one registered image per face


  • Face detected from camera is matched against database
  • Alarms are sent to VMS/Alarm Center
  • Alerts to be in the form of console alerts, web application screen messages, Email
  • and RESTful web services.
  • Alerts to be generated if any of the above feature is observed.
  • Alerts should be configurable for different features for different camera.
  • Alerts can be configurable for any specific time/duration during a 24 hours period at
  • the level of each feature for each camera
  • Integration with VMS is possible wherein one can send recognized/non recognized alarms to VMS Viewer application, Application can run as a Linux as well as windows service, One machine can be used for registration and other machines for recognition
    • Proactive Approach to manage untoward events
    • Increased Safety & Security Compliance
    • Reduced Pilferages
    • Drive Operational Efficiencies by sweating existing Surveillance Infrastructure
    • Cut Operating Costs through Real-time Computing & Intelligence
    • Fully Integrable Solution into POS, Back-Office Systems , ERP’s