Our Application provides solutions for the following:-Intrusion detection/trespassing, Suspicious Incidences (Object) and Advanced suspicious Incidences (People).


  • Application provides features like Trespass, Tailgating, Camera tampering for intrusion detection
  • Trespassing:- This feature is used for detecting person or vehicle entering or exiting virtual area
  • Boundary Crossing - This feature is used for detecting Person or Vehicle
  • crossing a virtual line
  • Tailgating - This feature is used for detecting a person (individual) or vehicle following too closely the person or vehicle in front to get past access-
  • controlled entrances or barriers
  • Camera Tampering - This feature detects Camera focus change or
  • obstruction or video cable cut


  • Works for all weather conditions


  • Left Object Detection -
  • Alarm generation for any suspicious object left behind in an area
  • Operator can define the time duration. The bag should not be left idle for predefine time, in case of violation of rule, alarm will be generated
  • Missing Object Detection –
  • Alarm generation if an object goes missing in a specific area. Helpful in the detection of theft in museums, airports, railway stations, etc.


  • Crowd Detection: Crowding in a specified area is detected when the number of

                      people exceeds a given threshold

  • Crowd Counting: Crowd Counting provides an approximate count of the number of

                      people in an area

  • Crowd Movement Detection: Direction of the Crowd Movement can be detected


  • The feature is used to detect vehicle or person persistence beyond a specified time in a virtual area



  • Works with generic IP cameras with good quality.
  • Works even with PC, you don’t need high end systems
  • Works in both indoor as well as outdoor environments.
  • Works with limited pose changes.
  • Works even when people are walking.
  • Works despite camouflage efforts with spectacles, beard or wig.
  • Works for people of different ethnicity.
  • AI-Based Solution is AI-Based using Deep Learning
  • Processing Speed in Frames Per Second- Higher than 5 Frames Per Second


  • Intruder detection on fenced areas
  • Alert monitoring at the entrance
  • Unwanted intrusion in restricted areas
  • Threat detection due to baggage left unattended in commonly visited places like Waiting Room, Ticket Counter etc.
  • People loitering in corridors
  • People or vehicle having longer dwell time in restricted area, authenticated areas



  • Proactive Approach to manage untoward events
  • Increased Safety & Security Compliance
  • Reduced Pilferages
  • Drive Operational Efficiencies by sweating existing Surveillance Infrastructure
  • Cut Operating Costs through Real-time Computing & Intelligence
  • Fully Integrable Solution into POS, Back-Office Systems , ERP’s
  • Accuracy of AI-Model- Human Loitering / No Walkway Zone: >90%++, Human Intrusion: >90% ++, Camera Tampering >90% ++, Masked Face Detection: >95% ++Unusual Object Detection: >95% ++,Multi-Human Detection: >95% ++, Motion Detection: > 95%, Inactivity Detection: >95% ++,  Customized Object Detection Capability: Yes