Tube filling and sealing machines can be found in pharmaceutical and food packaging lndustries. The photo sensors are used for detection of tubes, inductive proximity and reed sensors are used for metal movement detection.

Axelcon providing you smart automation solution over the conventional solutions Which gives you fully automatic process handling, In extremely short response time.

Whenever photo sensor senses the tube the hydraulic piston gets operated through solenoid valve and the material gets filled into the tube and heating, sealing and cutting operations are get done one after another. After the cutting operation whole cycle repeats.  Temperature can be monitored through HMI. And PID can maintain temperature automatically


  1. Automated process handling
  2. Short response time which increase production rates.
  3. Fast sensor detection which Increase accuracy.
  4. In-built Data Logging (50 MB Data Storage).
  5. Alarm History.
  6. Indication of Live Alarm Status and notification.
  7. On screen Controlling of TEMPERATURE.
  8. Multiple User Login.
  9. Data retrieval through USB for data log, alarm history and audit trail (.CSV File).
  10. Power off Sustainability ( Redundancy).
  11. Audit trail.
  12. Customizable themes for HMI as per clients requirements.



  1. Food packaging industries

Pharmaceutical industries