AI-enabled social distancing detection tool that aims to help monitor social distancing at the workplace. This AI tool is developed to complement their efforts, as well as help ensure social distancing protocol in their workplaces. According to the company, the new AI-enabled tool can play a critically important role for people who are working at factories that produce protective equipment, technicians and other essential service providers that have to continue working. People can integrate the new software into the security cameras that monitor the environment at workplaces “with easy calibration steps.


Works with generic IP cameras with good quality.
Works even with PC, you don't need high end systems.
Works in both indoor as well as outdoor environments.
Works when people are walking or working.
Person recogniion time can be as low as 1 sec.
Integration available with RESTful API's.


Office, Malls


It helps in maintaining proper distance between the individuals and hence limiting the spread.