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DPMS db3

Centralised Clean Room Monitoring System

Accel DPMS is Centralized Clean Room Monitoring System that simultaneously, effectively, accurately and conveniently monitor the Differential Pressure, Temperature and RH in multiple clean rooms in the Pharma plant. It can be installed at entrances to clean rooms and other controlled environments.

Software Features:

Software Architecture Multiple Clean rooms & Multiple Plants can be monitored centrally
Alarm & Alerts Alarm & Alerts by way of Pop ups, Email & SMS can be sent to multiple authorities
Interface Cloud Enabled Web Interface
Database SQL Server
Audit Trail Database (SQL) & GUI both supports audit trail
Reports MIS Reports & Graphs for audit & analysis,
Also value added Cutomization of reports are possible

Features & Benefits:

  • Accurate & reliable logging of data at user Programmble Time Intervals
  • Easy Annual Callibration Process
  • Value Added MIS Reports & Graphs for Audit & Analysis

Technical Specifications:

Description Centralised Clean Room Monitoring System
Display Seven Segment 4 digit Display
Row1 : Time Row2: Process Value
LED Indication Channel Number, Alarm : HighLow, Memory Full Alarm, Negative Sign, Unit's Parameter (Pascalimm WC, °c/°F, %RH)
Transaction Capacity 10,000
Number of Channels 3
Channel Types 1. Differential Pressure
2. Temperature
3. Relative Humadity
Sensor Types 1. Differential Pressure (Internal Analog Sensor)
2. Temperature Sensor extrenal : PT100, 4-20mA, 0-1V (Factory Set)
3. Humadity Sensor external : 0-1V, 0-3.3V, 4-20mA (Factory Set)
Input Range Specification 1. Differential Pressure : (0 to 100mm WC) (Inbuilt)
2. Temperature : PT100 (-090°C to 390°C)
3. Relative Humadity : (0 to 100% RH)
Channel Resolution 1. Differential Pressure : 0.1mm WC
2. Temperature : 0.1°C (depend on sensor)
3. Relative Humadity : 0.1% RH (depend on sensor)
Keypad 4 keys (Menu, Up, Down, Enter)
Communication Port 2 No. RS-485 (1* RS-485 for PC Comm. & 2* for External Display)
Alarm Output Extrenal potential free relay output for external Hooter Buzzer