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Furnace Temperature Monitoring Solution


The Smartscan Series of control and measurement stations monitor furnace temperature in tunnel kiln furnaces and the like using Faceplate and Trend screens that come as standard features. There is no need to create new monitoring screens, and it is possible to introduce the Smartscan more easily than conducting instrumentation on a PC or the like. The Smartscan implements temperature monitoring with a single unit, using a maximum of sixteen embedded loops. (Maximum 16-zone temperature monitoring.


  • Equipped with monitoring screens as standard
  • Control monitoring screens (Faceplate, Tuning, Control overview), trend screens, and others can be monitored on the Smart Scan.
  • Integration of recording and adjustment means reduced space requirements

Multipoint Monitoring of Boiler Temperature

For data recording and management by the SMARTSCAN 43 in applications involving multipoint measurement such as monitoring of temperature in a boiler, there is a convenient remedy to the problem of too few inputs. Connect Smartscan 43 Combined with the inputs of the Smart Scan unit, this offers up to 16 max points of recording. These 16 inputs are concentrated onto a single Smartscan 43 allowing easy centralized control, and simpler data management and monitoring.


Monitoring of Temperature & Pressure in Autoclaves


There is a concerted effort to move towards higher temperature and higher pressure curing systems in order to address the manufacture of airframe components that need to withstand higher service temperature. This has necessitated the development of autoclaves that operate at temperature beyond 350°C and pressure as high as 15 bar(g).