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Tank Level Monitoring in Food Manufacturing Processes

With advances in process automation comes a greater need for level measurement and control. As pressure on at the bottom surface of a liquid is proportional to the height of the liquid's Surface, you can measure pressure using a differential pressure transmitter to detect the level of the liquid, acquire the data on the Smart Scan Series, and use the Measurements to control the tank level.


Temperature Monitoring of Food Filling Equipment


The sterilization temperature prior to the filling process is monitored in the field or office. The temperature data is recorded in an external storage medium.


  • In the field, the operator can check the temperature and alarm status on the Smart Scan display with a high degree of visibility.
  • The operator can monitor the Smart Scan data remotely using the Internet Explorer on a PC connected to the network / software
  • The Smart Scan can record data continuously over a prolonged period for easy data management.
  • The recorder stores data in an external storage medium.
  • Data can be transferred to a server with FTP.

Temperature & Level Monitoring Solution in Milk Processing with Smart Scan Series


Milk should be processed within 4 to 6 hours of production to make it fit for human consumption. Temperature is a very important parameter which has to be monitored at different stages of milk processing. This temperature has to be monitored very critically at different stages (Making sure the bacteria is properly eliminated to the max) & thus evolved a terminology known as CCP (Critical Control Point).

Benefits of using Smartscan

  • Alarm annunciation function allows you to monitor process Continuously between the set temp of 4 to 7°C.
  • Calendar search function allows you to analyze data based on time without running through all the files residing in the memory.
  • 4 MB internal memory/FIFO function huge data storage facility.
  • Paperless huge saving of paper & also electronic storage of data.
  • Custom display allow to view the actual process with the PV indication.