The cap and container treatment process consists of the steps washing, sterilization, drying and cooling. The packaging material is filled in containers, which then run through the different process stations. The containers can be moved and turned in their trolley. The pharmaceutical manufacturer runs different programs for the different types of stoppers and caps. The IO-Link standard provides for a free text field, the “application specific tag” (AST), for each IO-Link device. This can also be used to identify individual devices. The customer can thus identify containers at the particular stations, without having to use an additional RFID system. In all three lifting stations, the controller queries via the AST whether the correct packaging material is loaded. When the containers are transferred, the trolley is docked with two guides at the lifting column. This ensures the correct positions of the trolley and the inductive coupler. 


  • Contactless  bidirectional  transmission of power and data.
  • Higher system availability, shorter cycle times, more flexible sequences
  • Quickly disconnectable, easy to handle, maintenance free


Pharmaceutical companies

  • Transport trolleys at the transfer systems

  •  Treatment of caps and containers



  •  Increased process safety
  •  IO-Link switch prevents operating errors