The design and manufacturing of dies and molds represent a significant link in the entire production chain because nearly all mass produced discrete parts are formed using production processes that employ dies and molds. Thus, the quality, cost and lead times of dies and molds affect the economics of producing a very large number of components, subassemblies and assemblies, especially in the automotive industry. Therefore, die and mold makers are forced to develop and implement the latest technology in: part and process design including process modeling, rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, optimized tool path generation for high speed cutting and hard machining, machinery and cutting tools, surface coating and repair as well as in EDM and ECM. 



  1. Shoot & Edge-Compute in Real Time
  2. Immediate closure upon detecting mal-functioning
  3. Stop Ejection
  4. Analytics & Reporting
  5. Interlock with any Molding Machine
  6. High Pixel Camera resolution up to 1920 X 1080


  1. Pens, Caps & Closures
  2. Electrical Connectors & Switchgear Components
  3. Mobile Phone Accessories
  4. Automotive Components
  5. Medical


Issues solved

  1. Our System helps you avoid accidental damages in molds & dies thus saving a lot of money in repair & maintenance of molds & dies.
  2. Saves downtime by avoiding accidents, helps you achieve your production targets.
  3. The system automatically inspects for inserts or quality of the part while in the mold and the empty cavity, cores and slides after the part is ejected. This ensures that no stray parts are left behind to damage the mold during the next cycle.

What does the package includes:

  1. The 5mp camera is a multi-resolution design up to 1920 x 1080 for high-resolution inspection of part and mold details where cycle time permits
  2. Our powerful AI-Based software powers the entire process. It was created specifically for the injection molding industries and is fully supported by our developers and technical staff.
  3. A light is included in the package. The camera and light can be mounted with a magnetic or bolt-on flex mount.