Compact Control Unit and Touch screen Display which includes Onscreen circular chart & auto screenshot after 7 days.

The blood bank refrigerator is an essential piece of equipment in the immunohematology department and provides safe and convenient storage of whole blood, blood components (e.g., blood cells, plasma), and reagents. Blood bank refrigerators ensure freshness and integrity of blood and blood components.
Axelcon offering you fully digitalised on screen solution which controls whole process automatically. The temperature can maintained through PID automatically. When door closed lamp gets off automatically and after opening the door blower starts automatically. Temperature value can be set and monitored on screen. Digital circular chart gives you the accurate readings.


  1. Data Logging
  2. Alarms Screen & Hooter
  3. Audit Trail & User Administration
  4. Data Export in USB (Logged Data, Alarms & Audit Trail)
  5. 4.3/7 inch HMI with touch controlling functionality
  6. On-OFF Controlling for Temperature
  7. Remote desktop using VNC Viewer (Ethernet model only)
  8. All logged data Transfer using FTP (Ethernet model only)
  9. Customizable Themes for HMI as per client requirement.


Blood Bank


Controlling of temp using On-Off logic & PID tuning for heater to maintain temperature. Compact Control Unit and Onscreen circular chart & auto screenshot after 7 days.