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Product Code : GD10-0R7G-4-B

Product Name :Gd 10 3 phase 380V


  • SVPWM control
  • Compact design, less installation space
  • Built-in PID with 16-step speed control
  • Standard potentiometer and external LED keypad
  • Optional C3 filters and C2 filters
  • Natural cooling (single-phase or three-phase220V 0.2-0.75kW)
  • CE requirements certified

Technical Specifications

  • Input voltage:- 1PH 380V(-15%)-440V(+10%)
  • Input frequency:50Hz or 60Hz, permissible range: 47ï½Å¾63Hz
  • Output voltage:-Equal to input voltage with less than 5% error
  • output frequency:-50Hz/60Hz, fluctuation range: ±5%
  • Control mode:-V/f
  • Overload capacity:-200% of rated current : 1 second
  • Temperature of the running envrionment:-10-50℃, derated if the ambient temp is above 40℃
  • Fault protection:-Provide dozens of fault protection functions: overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage, overtemp and overload